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Days that turn into tears…

We have all had those days when we get stuck on the crappy stuff in our lives. No matter how hard we try to look at the positive, we just can’t find one single thing. We spend the whole day faking our smiles and laughing at stupid things. Then the night comes around when we sit there in front of our laptops and just sit. We think.Think about the one thing in our life that we will never understand, and never ever be able to change. 

So may quotes tell us, “Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way” and stuff about timing. We hear it all. Sometimes it’s helps. Sometimes it’s just bullcrap and we wonder what high-on-life peppy cheerleader type wrote it up.

It’s all true. All those sayings. In that day, that turns into a lonely night, you don’t care what the quotes are saying, and who has stories like yours that turned out ok. Because honestly, you would just love to do anything to just make YOU ok again. Just for YOU. You need to be ok again. You are searching for so many answers in vain. You know in your heart you will never get them, but that’s why it hurts. This pain isn’t something you’ve ever experienced, and you don’t know how to handle it yet. You just know you want the pain to stop.

So you cry.

And that’s ok. Crying is your release. It’s your heart speaking because your mouth is just done and your head can’t take hearing it anymore. 

All of your nights aren’t like this. But when you’re alone. That’s all that haunts your mind. What can you do to just be free? Free of the same crap happening to you, time, after time, after time, and again? Why does God insist on taking everything away without an answer. How could you not be good enough at letting go? You let go of everything you thought He gave you. You sit there with nothing. Yeah, God is there, but in the stillness you’ve lost Him. You don’t understand why He keeps doing this. God gives mercy, and each time you run to Him with questions and you don’t expect and answer, you just pray that He makes you ok again. He gives you so many people you never thought you had. 

He answers the pain.  Just not how we think.  It still sucks.  You still have days that turn to long nights of tears.  So many things bumbling around in your head you feel empty and also like you may explode.

The resolve is…..

     at least when the good really does come, and stays. You won’t realize till after it truly does stay this time, that all that pain was worth it.

     or maybe you learn to be okay again, and then this whole process starts over. This time you expect it, and you deal with it better than last time.

The Problem With Boys.

Boys aren’t men. 

Boys who give up easily aren’t men.

Boys who ignore you after you don’t give them what they want are despicable.

Boys will leave you without telling you why in hopes of finding someone better…only to fulfill their constant need for sex.

Boys don’t understand that when you truly care about them, and you will fight for them, that’s the shit they shouldn’t give up.

The problem with boys is they don’t mature. They don’t see what they lose when they lose your dedication and all your talents you have to help them, until they grow up and are now alone. Confusion and crisis usually follow this predicament. The ones who give you all their attention, then one day decide to ignore you for the rest of forever, are the ones who just deserve to be alone. He never meant a word he said. He isn’t ready for your love. 

You’re ready for love. Even though you knew it would probably never go anywhere, he’s still the most beautiful thing on this earth to you. You still wish his arms were the ones you run into every night. You still wish he was the security, even if it was for a short time. He made you feel like a girl should. You let yourself fall knowing you’d get hurt. You didn’t expect to get hurt so soon, but you did. You will never know why. You must now live with all of the confusion they dumped on you. 

See the problem with boys….we love them….no matter how much our hearts don’t want us to. 

15 Winter Life Hacks



Windshield Wiper Socks

To keep your windshield wipers from sticking to your windshield and getting covered with ice and snow, stick them up in the air and cover them with an old pair of socks. Then all you have to do is remove the socks and voila, your windshield wipers are pristine every day!


Boot Noodles

Keep your winter boots standing upright by cutting up a pool noodle and sticking it inside. It makes it easier to store them and find the ones you need and they just look cute!

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You don’t know the meaning of hard until you experience it. How do you move on from just getting a text out of the blue saying “I don’t love you anymore.” How do you react? That’s all they ever say to you ever again. All the questions floating around in your head….never will they be answered. You realize there was nothing you did, or could have done to change this that happened. He was always going to leave you. Every “You’re my other half.” “I don’t know how I’d live without you.” and “You mean literally everything to me” was just a lie that you never doubted. How do you accept that? This person who you loved with your entire soul, this person you gave the most you could to make happy, this person you sacrificed so much for, just threw you away. Was it for a prettier option? Was it because his mom told him to? Nothing. That’s all you’ll ever know of this person you gave so much for. You start to wonder if that person was even who you loved, or was it just someone they made up to get what they wanted physically…and now you are far away and he realized he wanted convenience not commitment. He’s going to a different school with tons of other options, how could he stay tied down to one person? Even though they lost themselves trying to make him happy. They gave up everything they loved, to learn about what he loved and listen to what he wanted to listen to. How do you throw away someone who does all that for you, and never once complained or wanted anything but his love for the rest of their life. Will the next guy really be “better” for her or the classic bs line guys throw in to try and salvage the mess they just made: “You deserve better” ? or does the next poor innocent guy spend the first several months trying to fix whatever damage the last idiot made of the poor girl’s trust.

Guys forget how protective they are of their sisters. If anyone ever dreamed of doing the stupid crap they do to breakup with girls to their sister, you better believe that guy is gonna give whoever hurt his sister that badly hell. 

Guys aren’t scared of commitment, they’re scared of having to choose. They don’t wanna be the bad guy, but they don’t want tell the truth. Yes, we women mature faster, but we also understand relationships faster. We love differently than guys do. We think way differently than guys do. That’s not a bad thing because life would be boring if everything was easy… 

When you find the guy that loves like you love, who fights like you fight, hold onto to him tight. Because if he loves with reckless abandon, all or nothing, I will choose to love regardless of circumstance; and fights softly and hates yelling and big scenes, just. like. you. Then hold tight and pray God isn’t going to take him away.

Breakups tell us a lot about ourselves. No, it’s not always when we are happy being alone that we find the right person, it’s not always the one who has been there all along. Sometimes, it’s the ones we’ve known for a while, but are just re-meeting as someone that we value more than we thought we ever could after going through what we just went through, that make the biggest impact on you and show you how breakups should end.

Breakups should end in finding out how strong we are, and how angry we are not. When we love, we forget about all the problems, when the love goes away but ours stays, we forget love is not angry. For that love was exactly what we needed at the time, and nothing on earth would’ve changed how we felt about it. Sometimes it takes the worst storms to alter our course and let us find safe ground. Breakups are messy, they suck, and they take forever to get through, but never forget that it’s just the end of a chapter in the beginning of your story, a chapter you can’t skip because of all the growing you did through it. The next chapter will be better than all the ones before, because you did it. You made it through, yeah it was hard. No, you didn’t think you’d ever make it through, but you did. So keep reading, you aren’t defined by one chapter. 

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